Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday at work

So besides a major slip-up during our morning rush at work, yesterday was pretty good. The highlights...

1. Crazy "As usual" Susan came in. She's nuts and has full-on conversations with no one. You can see her ask the question, get a response that only she can hear, then respond to it. "What do you think of..." nods aprrovingly, then says "I could see that. But I prefer..." See? Nuts. But Captain Dirty also came in. He's disgusting and will read lesbian erotica with a magnifying glass all day in the cafe. He also smells, and stares at women's chests, and thanks to co-wokers we know he doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom. So needless to say, we wash our hands right after we give him his change for his dumb small coffee. BUT, the highlight of these two is that Captain Dirty sat down, and was at the mercy of Susan's badgering (she will talk to anyone if you give her even a sideways glance). So he started talking and his voice sounds like if a Velociraptor spoke English. And without missing a beat Susan said "I can't understand a thing you are saying." And went back to her paper. I think she may have even rolled her eyes and shook her head like "Good grief."

2. There is a man who is off his rocker who comes in every now and then. I avoid him like the plague. He creeps me out, he gets in my bubble, he's asked how long I've been married, he's given me a photo of a girl holding a farret and asked if I liked it. He's just weird and creepy. But yesterday he hit a new level. Erez waited on him and the guy had a fish in his pocket. Yep. A fish. And not a "Look meet Goldie, my new goldfish pet." fish. A dead fish. From a river. Wrapped in a plastic grocery bag. In his pocket. I think Erez ever said "Ummm did I just get flashed a fish?" This guy had a fishing pole with him too so my guess is he was just down at the river fishing. Fine. But most people have something more ummm I don't know, normal to put their big catch of the day in. Rather than in a plastic bag, in his pocket.

3. Near the end of my day a Suit came in and wanted a small decaf coffee. We didn't have any brewed at the moment and without waiting for the options (we can brew some, offer house, or give a decaf Americano at the same price. We don't leave our customers hanging.) But he didn't want any of that, so he sat down at a table, appearing frustrated about many things. I noticed he was still in our cafe about 10 minutes later, so I brewed some decaf, paid for it myself, and brought it over to him. "Here you go, Sir. A small decaf on the house." He was shocked and asked why I did that. I shrugged and smiled and let him be. About 20 minutes later he had packed up and come over to thank me. Apparently he has had an awful day, let alone a horrible week, and my nice little gesture of a free coffee made his day. He wanted to talk to a manager to tell them how much he appreciated what I did. So I gave him to our manager on duty and let him sing my good graces. His name was Steve. And I hope Steve has a new found faith in good customer service.


  1. good for you, Sarah. It is always great to do something for someone just because it is a nice thing to do. I am proud of you.

  2. That was super nice! How awesome of you! See, not all superheroes need capes. =)