Friday, May 15, 2009

Middle of the night oddity

Last night at 2:15 in the morning my phone rang. In the past when my phone has rang that late, it's either an old friend drunk dialing me, or an old friend needing me to pick him up from jail. (No worries older adults, it only happened once.) But last night it was the front door to my apartment. And usually if I'm home and expecting visitors, I'll answer and buzz them in. Last night, no thanks. I hit reject and then almost went back to sleep. But suddenly I was wide awake and wondering who the hell was at my front door in the middle of the night. My window has a view of the front door, so I got up too see if I could see the person in the lobby. I couldn't see the person on the phone, but there was a cop standing in the vestibule too, and looking like he's talking to someone who is at the phone. Then my phone ding donged with a voice mail. OK, whoever called had something to say. Or not. It was just them mumbling into the phone and pushing buttons.

So here's my theory, the cop escorted Drunky McShitfaced back to the building they said they lived in. This idiot didn't have keys and started picking people randomly off the resident list to see if anyone would let them in. After looking out the window, seeing the cop, and not caring who was trying to get inside because the cop was with that person, I went back to bed.

I woke up this morning momentarily forgetting this little episode and then it popped back into my head. I hope whoever it was found a place to sleep, and perhaps that was in detox, thanks to the nice police officer.

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