Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little validation

I walked out of work today and there were a handful of people standing on the corner and looking up at the sky. "What'cha'll staring at?" I asked. And they smiled and pointed up at the tallest building in Minneapolis, the IDS. It's 50 stories tall and if you've never seen it before and suddenly find yourself standing underneath it, it's kind of cool. They had cameras out and were taking pictures. I found out that they were from Albuquerque, New Mexico and were in town for a national volleyball competition. One of them said "We've never seen buildings this tall before. We don't have them in New Mexico." And I commented that I lived there for a year and half and wasn't too found of it. They agreed, "Yeah it kind of sucks." they said. They said that no one down there really cares about others and people here are so nice and welcoming. "Minneapolis is great." They said. I smiled, told them to try to go to the top of the building and check out the view, and wished them a good rest of the visit. They thanked me and we both went on our merry ways.

It's nice to know that my dislike for that state isn't just me.

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  1. haha yeah NM isn't always the friendliest of places. Ryan and I were stunned by how friendly everyone was when we first moved to Tucson.

    I like New Mexico, but I think Albuquerque is the only town in the whole state I could live in.

    I want to come to MN sometime and see what it's like!!!