Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An afternoon ride

So I just went out for a bike ride. And the headwind... cheese and crackers that 'bout blew me over! I rode around Lake of the Isles and you'd think that during one of the curves of the lake the wind would be at your back. Nope. Not today. It was either smack dab in my face or not at all. And the not at all part was about 3 minutes of the ride.

I'm tired. And I was already tired when I left for the ride. Work was insane today. It was gloomy and rainy until about 1 and that meant that no one was going to leave their office, or everyone was going to leave their office for a nice cozy coffee. Turns out it was the latter. Erez and I ran around all morning making coffee, bagles, fraps, and more. And come 11 am we were exhausted. Keep in mind our cafe is maybe 15 by 8 feet, but you have no idea how quickly and how much you move when the line for lattes is out the door.

So this afternoon, I'm home, bored, dead-dog-tired and I decide to go for a bike ride. It was oddly refreshing to have the wind blowing at me so much I couldn't hear. But it's also a nice to time to clear my head of the day's trip ups and running thoughts.

I will say though, that carrying my old steel bike frame up two flights of stairs and trying to maneuver it through the doorways makes me break out in more of a sweat than the actual bike riding. Interesting.

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