Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For cancers on 5/26/09

I read horoscopes out of nothing but curiousness. My favorite is the City Pages, they are creative, funny, and use cultural references to tell your future. Some times I cut them out and keep them. But when I go back I usually don't remember why I cut them out in the first place.

This was my horoscope from the Star Tribune yesterday.

"It's easier to start over at square one than it is to fix a problem. You'll get a "do-over" in a relationship. This time, let your defenses down and show up just as you feel, no pretense. You're loveable."

I don't know what the do-over is. I'm not looking to much into it. But I love love love the fact that it ends with the simple fact that I'm loveable. Everyone should be told that.

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