Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little love note

I found a blank stationary card with this written inside it on a table at work today.

"My dear Kenny, not exactly your typical birthday card - this is what you get for picking a poor girl. :-) I want to give you everything - and I hope with the changes I am making you will get the girl you desire. That is my wish for your birthday. I love you to (unintelligible writing) I hope you learn to accept that. I hope to give all of me, body, spirit, and mind. Happy Birthday Honey. Love you, -Yours E"

Whoever wrote it I think put everything on the table, right there in those few words. I hope that Kenny realizes how much E cares for him. I would give anything to have someone feel that way about me. Kenny left it on the table I'm hoping by accident and not because he didn't care. I want to keep this note because I feel like someone should. I think it was written to be treasured and held close. Someone should appreciate it.

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  1. have you thought about sending it to ?